The Program

You're probably thinking, "There has got to be a catch. These people want to give me a job AND give me money for tuition and books?" That sums it up, and there is no catch! Over 4,000 students have been admitted to the CRCP, and the first step on their journey began by attending an info session. Come see for yourself, we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

So you’re ready to get started. Here’s what you need to do!

  • Be employed as a package handler or part-time supervisor at UPS Hodgkins working the twilight, night or sunrise shifts
  • Schedule class times that do not conflict with UPS work hours
  • Meet with the CRCP Director of Student Services for schedule approval
  • Earn 6-11 credits per semester at a participating community college or university. Full time students are considered upon exception.
  • Maintain a “C” or higher grade point average each semester
  • Sign a CRCP student agreement as your final commitment


Can I be a full time student and enroll in the CRCP?

Full time course schedules are approved on an individual basis. Students who demonstrate current academic success while balancing a full time course load and other responsibilities are often approved to continue as full time students.

What are the conditions for getting my class schedule is approved?

Successful CRCP students are able to balance school, work and personal life. Taking a manageable course load, ideally 6 -11 credits and getting adequate rest are essential. Most CRCP students take 2 or 3 classes each semester. Full-time students are considered for CRCP participation on an individual basis.

Students working the night or sunrise shifts should not begin classes before 12pm. This allows students time to get adequate sleep after working the night shift and flexibility after working the sunrise shift. Additionally, there may be times that you’ll need to work over. The extra time in the morning allows for unexpected occurrences such as traffic or weather that can make it difficult to get to a morning class on time.

Students working the twilight shift should complete classes by 2pm, allowing time for unexpected occurrences and the flexibility to accommodate early work starts.

Will I have to pay for classes when I register?

If your expenses for the semester are within program limits, you should not have to pay tuition and fees. However, if you register for classes after program deadlines, you may need to pay the minimum amount required by the college. You would then request reimbursement for that expense.

What expenses will I have when I register for classes?

The major expense students are responsible for is books. The CRCP provides up to $75 per class (partner colleges) or $50 per class (affiliate institutions) toward books, which is reimbursed after the semester ends. There may also be additional fees the college requires that are not covered in program benefits. Finally, students are responsible for any tuition and fees that exceed program limits.

How do I pay the college?

Payment for tuition, fees and the book allowance are payable to the college through a deferred payment voucher agreement. CRCP students complete an online voucher each semester. The voucher is submitted to the college’s business office as our commitment to pay your tuition at the end of the semester. The voucher covers expenses for classes you successfully complete within program limits.

Success Stories

The CRCP has helped over 4,000 students pursue their education goals since 2003.

Peter Lowisz

Peter Lowisz

Morton College

Watch a video of Peter's story